Whitewater Adventure Health & Safety

All Sacandaga Outdoor Center Customers and Guests please review this page.

2022 Health Alert

Before you and your party explore the whitewater adventure that awaits you, please read these pages prior to beginning your trip.

COVID-19 Policy

Sacandaga Outdoor Center has taken reasonable measures to avoid or minimize contact, transmittal or contamination of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus or “virus’). The environment of the activities that will take place, however, will require interaction with others. When human beings are interacting, naturally occurring disease processes may take place and a virus may be transmitted.

By agreeing and choosing to participate in these activities, Sacandaga Outdoor Center Customers cannot and will not have any legal liability if the participant contracts the virus. Ultimately, it is everyone’s responsibility to follow safe practices and distancing whenever possible.

Sacandaga Outdoor Center Customers expects all participants to practice safe distancing and hygiene and to not participate in the activity if they have a fever, or have been diagnosed with the virus. Sacandaga Outdoor Center Customers will not be responsible to participants who contract the virus under any circumstance. Participants fully assume all risks of contracting the virus by participating in the activity.

We will continue to follow CDC, State, and local guidance.