Chad Cobb

Chad Cobb

Age: 26.

Nickname: Shy Guy.

Years of Experience: 6.

Certifications: WFR, CPR / 1st. Aid.  ACA Level 3 Instructor.

Specialities (military training/first aid/search and rescue/etc):  Pumping people up for great trips down the river.

Locations where you have boated/kayaked: Hudson River Gorge, Sacandaga, Deerfield, Arkansas River, Leigh River, Scroon River, Salmon River, Lock 32.

Occupation/Amusements in the offseason: What ever it takes to keep the lights on and fridge cold.

Job at SOC (guide/instructor/paddle shop/etc): Guide, Instructor, Shuttle driver, I-beam road  crew, T-shirt Hanger, motivator.

Random Fun Fact: Driving less than a car length behind a tractor trailer saves you 70% gas usage, has to be true, I heard it on the internet!