Sacandaga River GearThe Gear is in Here

Located at our base, 100 feet from the confluence of the Hudson and Sacandaga Rivers, our paddle shop carries top of the line equipment from some of the best companies in the business. From Astral, Bouyancy, Jackson Kayaks, and Sweet, to Fluid Kayaks, Immersion Research, Level Six, Werner, and NRS, we have all the latest gear for your paddling needs. We also offer a shuttle transporting boaters and their gear to the commercial put-in just below Stewarts Bridge Dam.

PatagoniaLevel SixAstralNRSImmersionWernerFluidJacksonSweet

Demo/ Rental Info

2 Hour 4 Hour 6 Hour TUBE RENTAL $35.00
SINGLE KAYAK $39.00 $55.00 $65.00 TANDEM TUBE $49.95
TANDEM KAYAK $54.00 $64.00 $75.00 COOLER FLOAT $9.95
CANOE n/a $64.00 $75.00 MINI RAFT $109.95
SUP $39.00 $55.00 $65.00 LARGE RAFT $149.95

*Multi day rentals available — Call for Pricing.

Adirondack AdventuresFishing

Our professional, licensed guides can show you where the big fish hide. We can also customize the experience so that you can explore whatever kind of fishing you are seeking. We offer fly-fishing; bait fishing, sport fishing or recreational fishing in drift boats, skiffs and raft catarafts.


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PhotographyTaking home a souvenier
has never been this easy

While you’re busy having a blast on the water, we have photographers out there with you, capturing all the actions with their cameras.

At the end of your paddle, you can purchase digital images of your adventure. Our entire operation is digital and on-site which means you won’t have to wait weeks to get the photos you want.

Shop ShirtsTry Us on for Size

We’ve got the latest looks including organic cotton tees from Patagonia emblazoned with exclamations often heard on the river at SOC. In addition to SOC shirts, our raft shop can also provide you with Patagonia suits and clothing, hats, sunglasses, water shoes, sunscreen, Soda, Water, snacks and more.

PatagoniaLevel SixAstralNRSImmersionWernerFluidJacksonSweet