Want the ultimate experience of the Sacandaga River?

Choose a Torrent (a sit-on-top whitewater kayak) or a Ducky (an inflatable kayak). Our skilled kayak guides will instruct you on the basics of down river paddling and then accompany you down the river as you experience all the thrills of whitewater. No experience necessary, sense of adventure manditory!



Our Kayaking is a step up in both difficulty and adventure from rafting. If you are interested in exploring the river alone but want the stability of a raft, then this inflatable kayak (a.k.a. Ducky) is for you. There are solo and tandem options for this craft. Skilled whitewater kayaker guides will give you the basics in down river running and then accompany you down the Sacandaga river. Go for the big waves or take the mild route, it’s up to you.


The Torrent is a hard-shell, sit on top kayak, which lets you get as close as you can to whitewater kayaking. This exhilarating adventure will give you the feel of a white water kayak without the need to know how to roll. If you do tip over, you will pop to the surface instantly and on your own, or with the help of your guide you will be back on your boat in no time. As always, a guide is on every trip and pre trip instruction is always part of the adventure.


Touring kayaks are wonderful for exploring the tranquility and scenery of Stewart’s Pond. Possibilites abound for sighting wildlife ranging from whitetail deer, beaver, minks, wild turkeys, loons, blue heron, and even golden eagles.


From the beginner boater to the advanced adrenaline junkie, our kayaking school will teach you the skills necessary to master the river. Group and private instruction available. Instructors are ACA certified and our student-to-instructor ratio never exceeds 4:1. Our enthusiastic staff will work with you every step of the way to improve your skills in a comfortable and supportive environment.


As with all our rides at Sacandaga Outdoor Center, riders are equipped with a PFD (Personal Floatation Device.) Please note, we do everything possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Because of the nature of outdoor activities, we cannot be responsible for personal injury or lost or damaged articles. Participate at your own risk. A signed assumption of risk agreement and liability release will be required prior to departure.

Whitewater Kayak Instruction:

Private Instruction- Private Paddling Instruction is ideal for even the steepest learning curve and can be arranged to accommodate your schedule. Our professional ACA certified instructors teach beginners as well as more advanced kayakers the techniques necessary to get the most out of each trip down the river. We offer full day, half day and Monday evening courses throughout our season.

Full Day Private lesson: $249/day (each additional person $100/day)
½ Day Private Lesson: $129/day (each additional person $50/day)
Full Day Rolling clinic: $99/day (each additional person $35/day)
Monday Night 2 hr. Rolling Clinic: $30

2 Day Kayak Clinics:$195

For all our clinics, boaters are equipped with a helmet, PFD, Sprayskirt, and boat. Beginner- Provides a general overview of basic kayaking skills. Perfect for a student with no experience (less than 5 days in a kayak), those needing a refresher, or no formal training. Intermediate- Prepares you for class III whitewater. Emphasizes river maneuvers such as eddy peel-outs, ferrying, and paddle strokes. It also stresses a consistent roll in class II and III whitewater and introduces some playboating skills.

Advanced – this is a more intense version of the intermediate clinic focusing on developing solid class III whitewater skills. It prepares students for class IV whitewater as well as increasing playboating skills.

Playboat – This clinic develops a solid foundation of playboating skills. Emphasis is placed on front/back surfing, eddy line squirts, and introductory cartwheel techniques.

Trip Map

Trip Map